Brahma Monthly Recapooor: October 2022

Brahma Monthly Recapooor: October 2022


  1. TopGear Vault on Gearbox v2 with active risk management yielding upto. 12.25%, now live.
  2. More products in the works with focus on rendering back the power of self-custody to our users. (Top-secret project, keep a close eye!)
  3. 25K $LDO rewards granted and deployed to rebalance trade outcomes and uphold positive gains on the PolyGains DegenVault
  4. Community Bounties live with contributoooor Badges incoming!

Just when we thought we collectively made it out of goblin town, crypto markets started painting a deep red, making it the 20 something month of being plunged in the bera. The past few weeks and days have marked a Lehman moment in the history of crypto; yet not all is lost (unless you were parked offshore; RIP)


October's monthly recapooor isn't all about lamenting the state of the bera. But rather realising FUD doesn't deter Brahma from reigning in the rungs of volatility in its favour, fully on-chain. Infact, here's where we thrive. While we're on a shipping streak with the TopGear Vault, live and set to take up its first trade this Friday, the 11th of November, all vaults are currently operating at optimal capacities, safu from any risk exposure.

Planned Vs. Achieved

A New DegenVault (P&A): Planned and strategized in October 22, the TopGear Vault; a risk-management Vault built on top of Gearbox Protocol V2 credit accs. boosting FRAX by upto 12.25%, is now live.

The vault runs a risk-managed leverage trading modus-operandi with Brahma’s unique off-chain intelligence infrastructure at play, allowing users to capture leveraged ETH staking rewards, on their FRAX, double digit non-inflationary APY mate. More details, strategy specs here.

25K worth of $LDO Rewards (P&A): Starting the month of October and as a sincere UpOnly attempt, Brahma is efficiently deploying monthly $LDO rewards to cover for any $MATIC trade inaccuracies, rebalancing the realised PnL positively. While the PolyGains DegenVault has seen a 120K boost in TVL as compared to the previous month, strategists are building to optimise with every effort.

Smart-Analytics Dashboard (WIP): Reiterating how transparency is portrayed across DeFi, Brahma is working on improving front-facing analytics to give maximum information divulgence to all users. This will include the addition of weekly vault history, coming first to Polygains and then rolling out to all other vaults.

Analytics currently, account for base pool distribution, base pool health, slippage, peg stability and more. Ample alertooors to signal pool movements for strategists to take pool swap measures are furthermore set in place as an added layer to actively monitor and manage risk on all products.

In recent updates, the PMUSDC Vault has exited the sUSD Curve pool given the instability of the USDT peg. In total 80% of the vault funds were removed from the frax curve pool and continue to monitor the situation closely. All monitoring and alert systems remain operational and the team is closely monitoring developments.

Monthly Vault Performance:


1. Total yield earned this month: 3,207 $USDC

2. Average APY for the month was: 1.24%

3. Projected APY for Nov 2022 is: 4.44%

4. Signal accuracy for trades taken was: 50%

5. TVL filled: 1.4 of 1.7 mio USDC (82% filled)

ETH Maxi DegenVault:

1. Total yield earned this month: 1.07 $ETH

2. Average APY for the month was: 3.8%

3. Projected APY for Nov 2022 is: 6.35%

4. Signal accuracy for trades taken was: 50%

5. TVL filled: 242.94 of 333.33 ETH (72% filled)

PolyGains DegenVault:

1. Total yield earned this month: 1,272.34 $MATIC

2. Average APY for the month was: 11.2%

3. Projected APY for Nov 2022 is: 13.1%

4. Signal accuracy for trades taken was: 50%

5. TVL filled: 375K of 600K (62% Filled)

TopGear Vault:

TVL filled: 79K of 350K (22.5% filled)

First trade position: 11/11

Plans ahead, November 2022 and beyond

New & Upcoming Projects

We said it before and we're stating it again.

"The future of Brahma isn’t only vault-like and denominated in APY, anon."

Yet once things are ever clearer, Brahma has always been committed to only working with on-chain liquidity, forfeiting any off-chain trusted parties for yield shortcut, and will always continue to do so.

While you may also be in it for the tech, there's a more sumptuous chance you were in it for them monies, fundamentally. Facilitating permissionless, convenient, community-first wealth churning engines is a step into the future of Brahma. The vision to move forward from siloed features to servicing self-custody and autonomy-based governance, is in the works.

All the alpha you can distil, fren. More on this soon, we promise. Internal tests, discussions and feasibility checks underway.


Phase-I of Brahma Bounties went live with the TopGear Vault, with degens flooding in from across the community to seek the way of Karma.

With a strong response derived from CT, the team will work closely with the participants to tightline the process and make it as efficient as possible.

Top Contributing Chads this month:

  • goodie#1405
  • mozuku#1169
  • Berry#4144

Brahma’s Phase-II bounty activities start tomorrow, the 11th of November with ample room to distract you from how Sam rekt everyone over, jk.

On a serious note, Karma is exercising generosity to all-onchain users by dropping a surprise reward with a 5x boost on karma rewarded for active vault participants and a 15x boost for all sincere degens who demonstrated vault support by depositing in the last 3 days.

A series of achievements namely  "Brahma Badges", are currently being initialised to keep up the ongoing karma momentum and reward the loyal seekers month on month. While Q4 is being planned, executed and prioritised, hopium for some exciting announcements and product discussions spoon!

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