Brahma raised $4.2069M in an effort to enable access to diversified, sustainable yield in DeFi


  • Brahma raised $4.2069M in seed funding, partnering with industry leaders and luminaries.
  • The funding helps set up an experimental lab zone for Brahma to ship fast, hire zealously and create value-driven products at scale.

Last year, Brahma kicked off its mission to create a yield protocol that's welcoming to everyone in the DeFi space, offering a safe haven for sustainable and diversified yield. Today, we’re announcing our seed funding round of $4.2069M, led by Framework Ventures, to help us propel Brahma forward.

Brahma is a decentralized yield protocol that lowers the complexity of generating yield on numerous cross-chain DeFi primitives. Chasing returns by managing capital, security, and positions is one of the biggest pain points for an average DeFi participant. Brahma grants users unfettered access to advanced, risk-managed strategy vaults that interact autonomously with multiple chains, all through a single-sided user deposit. At the same time, Brahma contributors can also build on-chain trading vaults with solid smart contracts and integrations, which allow composing with multiple protocols and chains in a single flow.

We are thrilled to partner with industry visionaries and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Venture Funds like Framework Ventures, Zeeprime Capital, Lightspeed, Dialectic, Maven11,, and Ledger Prime, syndicates such as the LAO, Daedalus and Degenscore (among others) and angels including Santiago R. Santos, Jason Choi and more have all pooled into the protocol.

Conventional finance is clouded with siloed platforms, rigid infrastructure and numerous barriers to entry. Powered by DeFi-led accessibility, Brahma seeks to stack the ecosystem with value-driven, sustainable yield strategies that leverage market inefficiencies across different chains, and make these financial instruments open to anyone.

Brahma vaults will initially launch as “Degen Vaults”. These are experimental (early release), high-yield, peer-reviewed strategies accessible only to experienced DeFi users familiar with complex protocols and their underlying risks.

The access to Degen Vaults is determined by a user’s “KARMA Score”, a combination of on- and off-chain experiences and contributions. Anyone can check their score at by connecting their web3 wallet. Once a specific Degen Vault has been audited and its capacity scaled, it is added to Brahma’s open strategies and made available to everyone.

A bird’s-eye view of our roadmap includes the following:

  • Building and scaling vault capabilities: Building fault-proof vaults with the community employing scalable simulation processes, solid rails, and sufficient capacity, in order to grant more users access to the vaults.
  • Craft product and experiential touchpoints: Completing the full UI platform with the help of community feedback. Leveling up our onboarding and community infrastructure via KARMA, melding off-chain and on-chain efforts seamlessly, and numerous other features are on the cards.
  • Governance tokens: Drafting and building the scope of the $BRAH token together with the community to enable a fully-decentralized governance.
  • Hiring: Growing our team of highly-driven and capable chad collaborators to help lay out a powerful foundation for the protocol (open positions here).

In an industry dominated by volatility and tradeoffs, Brahma is gearing up for a long-haul journey to transform access to opportunities and risk-management in DeFi.

Long story short, we're just getting started.

Some of our Investors:






Ledger Prime



Nick and Yenwen (Perp Founders)

NEMO - the friendly apes behind DegenScore



Bool Capital

Angel Investors

Santiago R. Santos (ex Parafi)

Ivan (Gearbox & LobsterDAO)

Jason Choi

Igor Igamberdiev


Elias Simos (Coinbase-BisonTrails)

Isaac Zu - Nansen

BatuX (ex-Binance)

Babi - Pods Finance Founder

Utsav Somani - Angelist

Stefano Bernardi - Semantic Ventures

Etienne - TRGC

Tess Ventures

Encode Club

Graham Nelson - Sygnum

and more!

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