Brahma Recapooor December 2022 + A Year In Retrospect

Brahma Recapooor December 2022 + A Year In Retrospect


  1. TopGear accelerates to cap its Tier-II TVL of 420K. Now advancing, its scaling proposal to onboard a new credit manager for newer CAs and higher upper limits.
  2. ETH Maxi DegenVault, also advances to its Tier-II TVL, unlocks with a synced degen-style design for an upgraded vault experience.
  3. Karma Community Leaderboard 1.0 for all active karma seekooors is now live. Next up, Brahma badges in Jan 2023.
  4. Brahma wraps up the year. Presenting to you a 2022 recapooor, below.

During the inception of this year, the contributing team made a list.

With some crisp experiential checkboxes to tick off, a list of strategies to explore and some crypto's volatility pivots to be life-jacketed for, Brahma began its year-long trail towards what was going to be DeFi's downpour of a year.

Rekt circa 2022

At the cost of sounding cynical, recent events this year contributed to longer seasons of bera. The primal need for security and risk management took centre stage. And Brahma recognised, optimised and evolved by the day to shelter degens of the DeFi realm under its security-clad infrastructure, with the sweet comfort of its yield and liquidity generating capacities.

Brahma reinstated, designed and devised and to this day continues assembling DeFi's security-enabled and composable capacities, together to garner concentric capital boosts via smart quant-shielded strategies.

4 vaults, 2 audit certifications and 20K karma seekooors later; We're just getting started.

2022 Recapoooor

While the market dominoed, tossed and turned, the stronghold kept the degens safe this year and generated upto 14.6% APY across strategies.

We're grateful to our 2K+ unique depositoooors and karma seeking community for the continuous support and avid feedback. Equipping our resident karma braggers with additional shill supply, here's a quick insider overview of how Brahma progressed, yielded and performed in 2022.

Planned Vs. Achieved (Dec 2022)

Tier-II TVL Scaling for Vaults:

A. TopGear Vault:

Apart from its quick 330K $FRAX fill-in, Brahma opened up Tier-II TVL requirements for the community. The next level TVL of 420K capped in less than 48 hours with further scaling plans brewing in Jan 2023. Stay tuned fellow fraximisooors.

As for the next steps for TopGear, a scaling proposal is already underway to ascertain a new credit manager for quick CA set-up and even higher deploying limits.

B. ETH Maxi DegenVault:

One of Brahma's initial degenvault strategies, ETH Maxi, undertook a refreshed look to fit with the existing vault tabs and touchpoints. With a greater insight into the vault's process and risk management layer, Tier-II TVL of 400K still has some room left for maximisooors to deploy.

Note: Additionally, 2 of 3 months of 10K karma pot distribution will be awarded in Jan 2023. All $FRAX diamond hands that plead speedy loyalty to the vault are being generously rewarded in karma points month on month.

3 of 6 months of Polygain's 10K Karma Pot distribution is WIP as well and all initial $MATIC devotees are sure to see some gains in their karma balances early January.

Community Karma Leaderboard

Community summonings materialised this season of gibing.

With a separate avenue to measure your off-chain actions, devoid of market actions rekting you, one you have sole contributional power over, the community leaderboard was initialised. Explore now, if you haven't already!

With top contributoooor and intractooors having an exclusive space to do alot more than simply mapping their off-chain journey, V2 of the community leaderboard is now in the works.

More insights, features and collectibles are enroute in the coming month of Jan 2023.  A little birdie also told us that karma summonings will be nitro boosted. A fresh flex card with more flexing powerrr is additionally being assembled.

Monthly Vault Performance

Based on prev. 3 trade cycles


1. Total yield earned this month: 1889.55 $USDC

2. Average APY for the month was: 1.09%

3. Projected APY for Jan 2023 is: 3%

4. Signal accuracy for trades taken was: 66.6%

5. TVL filled: 1.2 of 1.7 mio $USDC (73%)

ETH Maxi DegenVault:

1. Total yield earned this month: 1.32 $ETH

2. Average APY for the month was: 3.98%

3. Projected APY for Jan 2023 is: 9.23%

4. Signal accuracy for trades taken was: 66.66%

5. TVL filled: 343.31 of 400 ETH (85% filled)

PolyGains DegenVault:

1. Total yield earned this month: 2616.4 $MATIC

2. Average APY for the month was: 10.09%

3. Projected APY for Jan. 2023 is: 16.02%

4. Signal accuracy for trades taken was: 100% (Positively rebalanced by $LDO rewards)

5. TVL filled: 585.86K of 600K $MATIC (97% Filled)

TopGear Vault:

TVL filled: 420 of 420K $FRAX (100% filled)

View active credit accounts here

Scaling plans in Jan 2023

Plans ahead, Early January & beyond

Yield-boosting vault integrations, security-tightening improvements, and a roaring MVP product are on the cards. The floor is yours to speculate, dropping more hints on this real spoon.

Long-story short: 2023 is looking bullish.
Brahma is additionally working on creating a hyper-transparent layer for the community to understand the ins and outs of our risk management and the yield stimulating efforts Brahma undertakes with additional user-facing analytics and activity dashboards.

Karma Keyword for 2023: Collectibles.

A flourishing year for DeFi's most loved community score is on the cards.

Badges, collectibles and access to additional karma seeking + spending avenues is being planned well in advance. Karma is compounding more than ever and this may just be your cue to dream about its endless and rewarding possibilities, degen.

In other news

Top performing contributooor for Dec 22' was ser Berry#4414 with his unmatched hosting and threadooor skills. Stay tuned, we'll be highlighting more key community stats soon.

And finally we turn to you, readooor, Tell us what you'd like to see more of,  your thoughts on Brahma's overall performance and feel free to rank, rate and suggest improvement areas if any here.

Halpful surveyoooors win karma and other exciting tings! Most halpful surveyoooor wins that and more; -drumroll- a Brahma T-shirt/Merch shipped straight to thy doorstep, by the team.

Re: We're just getting started. Latch on, it's about to rain yield

See you in 2023, fren!

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