Invitation: You’ve Been Summoned To Be Part Of Brahma VIPs

Invitation: You’ve Been Summoned To Be Part Of Brahma VIPs

Early AM in the life of a DeFi frog: GMs, shitposts, scroll through an endless loop of Twitter updates, retweets ser Sam, Tetranode and DCFGod (good guy and investooor) and trips on some new veToken that pledges to decentralise the future of finance.

The words "Permissionless" and "Accessible" seem hinged to every other DeFi product these days. But in close proximity it resembles the governance modus operandi of North Korea, except they don’t hab veTokens to boost le GDP.

veTokenomics [sorry Dan] may be paving the way for DeFi governance but at Brahma, we’d like to A/B test at the product level, without limiting it to the “protocol level”.

Meet Brahma VIPs

Brahma launched the $PMUSDC vault 2 weeks ago. The last few trading weeks have been bright and we can say the devs are doing something with the vault earning base yield from Convex and trading up the interest on Perpetual Protocol.

But what if you, as an investor, community member, or a strategy onlooker can suggest first-hand improvements to build and optimise the vault strategy?

Introducing VIPs (Vault Improvement Proposals) initiated to piece together proposals directly from the users of the vault thus making the community part of the vault curation process.

VIPs are designed to be an open and accessible way for anyone to suggest strategy improvements at the vault level, without forcing anyone to buy our token ($wen) and lock it to get veTokens to vote on something.

How does it work?

The VIP section can be found on individual vault pages and is accessible by everyone. Anyone can access the proposals set by the community and vote on them using the KARMA points (Read to know more about KARMA).

Note: Higher your KARMA score, more weightage of your casted vote.

Every proposal is linked to the proposer’s ETH wallet and to the forum with a detailed explanation of the VIP. Brahma believes that using KARMA points that focus on the on-chain experience to vote on strategy building, it can initiate building the most comprehensive and robust vaults for yield seekers everywhere.

Each VIP will be open for voting for a period of 7 days followed by due diligence, peer reviews, experimental launch and post production review by core devs.

VIPs are currently at an MVP stag and Brahma is relentlessly working on rolling out new proposals.

The VIP feature accelerates collaboration accessibility with an intuitively structured UX. Not only will contributors get to cast their votes and check progress in real-time but also be exposed to the planned improvement timeline, directly displayed on the vault dashboard.

By extracting complex steps and enabling open-ended participation, Brahma aims to improve the vault strategy in hindsight and create a strong community led foundation for the protocol over the years.

Once the infrastructure is built and an incentive-based framework is assembled for contributing strategists, VIPs will take full-shape.

Long story short, currently VIPs are WIP.

Pushing to ship fast and open it up for everyone, real spoon🥄

Meanwhile, check out the first VIP here-> (Currently, inactive)
Vote with KARMA here ->

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