KARMA: What it is, What it isn’t & Why bother?

KARMA: What it is, What it isn’t & Why bother?


→ You reap what you sow; community perks are directly proportional to a members' efforts and work within the ecosystem.

→ There exists good and bad karma. You can advance the ranks of the community and unlock material benefits. Retrospectively, you may slide down the rungs based on your inactivity. It all spirals down to authentic action.

What is Karma?

Karma (/ˈkɑːrmə/; Sanskrit: कर्म, IPA: [ˈkɐɽmɐ] (listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work, or deed.

Herein, KARMA or Karmic points

KARMA cannot be bought, only earned.

Brahma is openly experimenting with a work-drop based leveling mechanism within its community. In pleb dialect, KARMA simply reflect individual community scores; directly proportional to a members' time-effort within the community. KARMA mirrors Karma irl; a faceless ranking chaperone that rewards members based on their actions.

To put things into perspective, all community members receive karmic points devoid of bias and every member resides on rungs of the hierarchy based on their activity levels; both on chain and off-chain.

A brief framework of the member levels:

1️⃣ Verified Explorers: Auto-assigned roles upon server join-in.

2️⃣ Degens: Initial contributors and community members of the server

3️⃣ Brahma Frens: Top-tier community members who are on their way to attain community nirvana and unlock perks.

4️⃣ Bag Hodlers: Community members who have attained community salvation and are the highest contributing and depositing members of Brahma.

Community members are consistently monitored and actively leveled up, basis good karma (or down, basis bad karma) on reaching (or dropping) “α” number of karmic points. Leveling is currently scheduled on a weekly basis.

Why bother about KARMA?

During the early stages of the community, Brahma experimented with BCHAD tokens for on-chain voting and had over 150+ user claims with an approximate of 100 votes. KARMA point system, as its natural evolution, is an effort-based, long-term transition that will help unlock various community use cases.

Material benefits include everything between gated vault access, community voting, entry to upcoming events and much more.

Brahma intends to leverage the power of compounding not only as a core product philosophy but also strives to implement it on a community level.

As Brahma progresses and conquers newer realms, more opportunities open up for community OGs. Currently, KARMA points draw in early-access to our alpha release, Degen Vault 1.0, reserved for members with karmic points above a certain threshold.

Hear ye, KARMA accumulatooors:  Post Discord sign-up, members will be prompted to sign a secp256k1 signature, using the EIP 712 authentication mechanism to ensure dox-proofing. This signature is purely used to verify your authority over your Discord and wallet. Twitter and Discord authentication is solely reserved for internal scoring.

Brahma.fi exerts maximum infrastructure safety and privacy. Connection between social accounts and wallets is not used for any other purpose and anon identities are always maintained.

What do you mean by Bad KARMA?

Don’t spam.

Don’t dox the community.

Don't solely GM. nGMi

^Sample deeds that result in leveling down and eventual community suspension.

How can I improve my KARMA?

The KARMA system is designed to be faceless and fair. To note, there isn’t a 1:1 relationship between all good deeds and KARMA accumulation.

Weightage of KARMA points equivalent to the deeds performed will not be publicly made available to shield from gamification of the system. The KARMA scales can tip in your favour and are based on your activity within the community; your KARMA is for you to virtue.

On a prospective view, add value, actively participate in vaults, spearhead discussions, propagate tweets and read between the lines.

The key is to decipher good and bad karma irl and reciprocate.

Degen Vault 1.0 incoming. Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for the latest sauce.

Legal disclaimer

The aforementioned contents in this blog are based on numerous assumptions and uncertainties which are subject to change periodically. The effect of such changes may result in alterations in premise, risks and uncertainties and may cause actual results or developments to differ from the results and progressions anticipated by brahma.fi

Brahma reserves the right to alter the plans, and intentions recorded any time and for any reason or no reason, in sole discretion. Brahma undertakes no obligation to update the decision publicly or revise any forward-looking statement as future developments or otherwise.

All contents and graphics used in the material intend no religious impairment and do not superintend its interpretation. This blog is not aiming to provide legal, financial or investment or other advice. We recommend users to stack their information sources basis their own personal research and not draw tangents from the materials or contents mentioned.

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