PolyGains Performance Recapooor + V2 Scaling

PolyGains Performance Recapooor + V2 Scaling

One of Brahma’s signature principal protected strategies went live on September 2022 capped more than half a mio towards the end of the year, reinstating the sheer degen hunger for more yield-seeking room.

The Polygains strategy employs a principal protected framework leveraging the Curve MATIC-stMATIC pool to earn a base yield alongside $LDO rewards and (now with CRV/Bal tokens) while taking leveraged weekly perp bets boosting the base yield.

Dive deeper into PolyGains V1 backtestooor results here

Performance Recap: PolyGains V1

5 months into the strategy Brahma recaps the $MATIC maxi’s most sought after degenvaults overall performance:

400+ all time PolyGains Depositooors pooled together $600K MATIC.

Average APY: 11.42% (All time performance)

Signal Accuracy: 73% on weekly trades

Cumulative yield generated — 12,784.8 $MATIC (All time performance)

Average $MATIC deposit value remained 2.4K $MATIC for V1 and

Polygains roughly boosted APY by 236% vs your regular vanilla stMatic staking

Beyond Degen: PolyGains V2

TL;DR Strategy steps with PolyGains V2:

V2 receives $MATIC deposits.

  1. The funds are safely parked and multiplied in the stMATIC / MATIC Curve V2 Pool.
  2. The base yield is harvested weekly, auto-compounded with $LDO rewards (+CRV/Bal tokens🆕) swapped for USDC and sent to Perpetual Protocol.
  3. This yield is used to take a leveraged bet based on an algorithmic momentum strategy trained to provide high-confidence signals.
  4. The position’s risk is monitored with a dynamic stop-loss algorithm. $LDO rewards are used to boost a position when a trade enters unchartered territory, thereby postively rebalancing the trade.
  5. All trading profits are compounded back into the strategy.

While vault uses the stMATIC — MATIC Curve v2 pool, which comes with IL risk, Brahma’s robust risk monitoring framework is committed to keep track of and manage the vault’s LP position.

With audits performed at a strategy level and with upgraded vault contracts, PolyGains leaps to its V2 phase in an effort to outdo itself. The new vault architecture allows PolyGains to earn base yield from multiple protocols and pools simultaneously resulting in a more diversified yield generation diluting protocols concentration risk overall.

Furthermore, V2 is now full integrated with Balancer apart from Curve, enhancing flexibility to source the best yield on $MATIC

Brahma Devs have have now plugged in the Balancer integration to further extend yield maximising windows and the vaults’ overall scaling proximity. The yield is generated from from Balancer rewards as well as Lido emissions. $LDO incentives on Balancer will be consistently scoured given its sound liquidity for stMATIC. Degens can expect a further boost to the base yield as compared to V1 results.

Having said that, V1 depositooors are recommended to migrate to PolyGains V2 to not miss out on the amplified yield generation that it extends. A 2-step migration is enabled to make the process smooth for Brahma’s $MATIC hodlers.

PS: Migrate in the first 48 hrs of V2 scaling to bag upto 169 Karma

PolyGains V2 goes live at 2 PM UTC on Feb 09 with 1 mio capacity and +400K $MATIC deposit room, here.

Get your $MATIC bags ready!

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