Started from the beta, now we here!

Started from the beta, now we here!

You’re waking up every day poorer only to contemplate if ser Peter Chiff was right.

Is BTC a ponzi? ETH still didn’t merge?

With all that hopium ded, the sudden realisation of how poor you’re has hit you. The uproar of ponzi 3-digit apy has come to a halt and people are finally seeing beyond wen token.

But, degens are back to making sense of what lies ahead of DeFi (maybe .jpegs as well)

BRAHMA is emerging out of beta during the shambles of the barely market. There’s much to look forward to and this update is here to notify you that we’re just getting started.

Understanding The Structure of DeFi

Take a close look. Frens at Messari put this together to compile an overview of what DeFi looks like across chains currently.

One thing that’s common and ties all of these protocols together is the composability factor which separates DeFi from your neighbourhood benk (TradFi).

This feature alone gives capital the ability to flow across chains, dApps, in a permissionless manner.

Crypto needs capital to survive but inefficient allocation of capital leads to brittle broken links across the chains. This is where BRAHMA comes in.

BRAHMA activates liquidity across chains, dApps and allows capital to be utilised efficiently in the DeFi landscape.

BRAHMA is progressing towards a utility-first architecture that integrates with multiple protocols and enables Retail users, DAO’s, Institutions, and Protocols alike to hedge, arbitrage, earn yield and manage their capital as they mandate.

And here’s the foresight (more like a POA) that enables this possibility to fruition:

  • Enabling positive-sum game for users and protocols
  • Capital efficiency irrespective of market conditions (whether long or short, we are still activating liquidity).
  • Historic (not to mention legendary) risk monitoring UST pool pull-out learnings, quick iterations, and automation improvements.
  • Cross-chain and cross dApp capital allocation, and communication.
  • Efficient UI/UX to both manage positions and understand risk (upcoming release)
  • Quickly building adapters and adding more protocols under DegenVaults.
  • Horizontal expansion in product suites and features related to liquidity activation and flow

TLDR: BRAHMA works so you and DeFi can thrive.

Road Treaded So Far

Crypto has insane volatility and perceives it as a boon or bane, there is enough opportunity, wagmi. The past 6 months have been a fervent effort to fetch and disperse this possibility to our fellow degens:

TL;DR: Q1 & Q2 milestones

BRAHMA Launch framework

Strategists at BRAHMA devised a framework where we can test out new products and dApps quickly while making sure the highest standards of security are followed. While DegenVaults will continue to experiment at their usual gait, new promising strategies are listed for testing and we cannot contain our excitement to spill some alpha. When these products have matured enough to open up to the whole world, and undergo security audits, they transition to the main UI and become BRAHMA Vaults.

(Note that products under degen are peer reviewed and highly experimental).

Launching PMUSDC 2.0

The Protected Moonshots (aka PMUSDC) DegenVault has come a long way, having realized 5.48% net APR. This is quite a big deal in this market, as it’s not projected, but rather realised (We will dive very soon into APYs in our industry in an in-depth series). PMUSDC is currently deployed in the Frax3CRV Pool and taking weekly derivatives trades with yield on Perp Finance.

PMUSDC will be released next week as a MainVault. It has been optimised and fine-tuned for the best-in-yield strategic improvements and live, continuous risk monitoring, enter PMUSDC 2.0.

Multi-pool possibilities with risk-adjusted exposure and market-accessed imbalance counter measures are in play. Allocation will now be optimised by BRAHMA’s Stablecoin Risk Framework.

On the Derivatives trades front, momentum signal is being upgraded to better account for volatility and trends plus protocol allocation based on dynamic market regimes. PMUSDC v2.0 will make use of both Options as well as perpetuals for its weekly derivatives trades.

The Vault architecture has been audited by Consensys Diligence and Zellic. BRAHMA strategists are actively optimising for qualitative and quantitative security checks consisting of a sound peg-hock resilience system, dynamic entry-exit slippages, pool balances and rigorous monitoring of underlying stablecoin infrastructures.

TL;DR: The protocol is becoming much better at keeping all safu.

Karma V2

The Eternal September for DeFi is starting to kick in which brings us to KARMA. Karma has been spotless in gating the Degen offerings and is being upgraded to a more accurate scoring, historical actions, and opening up for anyone to build on top of. Stay tuned.

While the general notion stays the same, grifters, airdrooppers and KARMA paperhands are at the risk of extinction, KARMA v2 is at the doors, allowing fellow protocols to build on top of KARMA (this commands a separate blog of its own).

BRAHMA is not chasing chaos and fleeting yields; neither are we in the game of crafting market-pleasing, short-attention-span gambling strategies. BRAHMA will keep on expanding its scope to allow liquidity to flow productively in DeFi, activating it to benefit both users and protocols. Does that mean chasing yield? Not only anon, we have much more in store.

PMUSDC MainVault gates reeling open next week!

For more updates: Twitter | Discord

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