The story of Karma 2.0

The story of Karma 2.0


Not so long ago, a land far away lay hidden in the relics of Brahma community seekooors. The ones to seek shelter, treading adventurously across chains and bringing back lineages of degens called it the land of Karma v1. The land mysteriously but generously rewarded the many sects of explorers, frens, degens and bag hodlers. But as the land cultivated the need for goodwill and pure action, new seekooors from lands unknown sought its ways in hopes to be banded by its progress and seek good karma.

Karma (/ˈkɑːrmə/; Sanskrit: कर्म, IPA: [ˈkɐɽmɐ] (listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work, or deed. Herein, Karma or Karmic points

Reiterating, so far, Karma cannot be bought, only earned.

Chaos had erupted in v1 as seekers sorted for swift action-reaction karma roundabouts, streamlined flow points, and opportunities to preach the way of karma beyond the fences of Brahma.

Degens banded and prayed to summon and expand the horizons for what Karma could bestow. After a long wait of over a quarter, seekooors were summoned with a roadmap pointing to Karma v2.

Post treading long hours and trekking down the roads of community conformity, perseverance and hopium, Karma v2 had finally arrived.

Karma 2.0: Chartering into the new

With version 2.0 of Karma, contributing memboooors of Brahma bring forth to you:

-A restructured and renewed design interface (both homepage and leaderboard) to swiftly stride through the latest developments.

-Extensive wallet indexing and historical data summoning i.e v1 seekooors retain and amplify karma for being historical hodlers.

-A reworked architecture that generates a much faster way to compute karmic efforts from across the mainnet.

- An opportunity for new dApps to easily integrate with Karma and charter newer ways of compounding karma for their individual communities. (Karma for partners incoming)

-Upcoming access to exclusive perks on other dApps for high karma hodlers.

-A live off-chain effort mapping dashboard to recognize and reward the most hard-working contributooors within the community (An extensive bounty program incoming)

-Weekly and monthly levelling parameters for all community members is in the works for v2.1

- New badges, quests, collectibles and Brahma NFTs upcoming within the Karma Leaderboard, planned for the v2.1 and onward sprint.

In tune with v1, Karma 2.0 gates spamooors, airdrooop hunters and rewards only the most active community participants and degens. A high karma score will bring fortunes of collectibles, exclusive product and degenvault access as well as a chance to get your hands on upcoming merch items among other things.

The secret sauce to boost your v2 score? Stay degen, do good, keep exploring, remain active and perform on-chain and off-chain actions with a long-term mindset.

While all scores within the community are sort to alter in a meaningful way, Brahma assures you that all backlogs have been accounted for and only fair play is at work. While tokenomics are being drafted, compounding good karma may reap well, degens.

Thank you for tuning in to this frequency, seekooors, that's all intel we can share about v2 for now.

Gratitude and karma points to our community members and new karma seekooors for demonstrating belief and being patient.

Up only with every version of 2.0. Hab speculations, suggestions or queries? Ping us on discord or twitter right away.

Until next time. exerts maximum infrastructure safety and privacy. The connection between social accounts and wallets is not used for any other purpose and anon identities are always maintained.

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